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label materials impact container sortation and recyclability

The mixing of polymers leads to poor quality recycled resins which is why proper sortation is a key component of container recyclability. Using appropriate label materials helps minimize contamination of the recycle stream by facilitating the separation of dislike polymers to achieve high-quality rPET and rHDPE.

For PET recyclability, choose white, clear, and silver BOPP films with one of our most popular printable topcoats combined with FLEXcon’s new V-52RE wash-off adhesive to facilitate PET recyclability.

For HDPE recyclability, whose white and clear conformable PE films with V-127RE adhesive to minimize the chance of darting and ensure recyclability of HDPE containers.

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APR Approved

Both solutions meet or exceed Critical Guidance Protocols of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for their respective resin types and are ideal for food and beverage, health and beauty, and household chemical labeling applications.

What is ecoFOCUS™?

ecoFOCUS™ is FLEXcon’s seal of approval for use with all products designed with an added element of sustainability, such as enabling container recycling or compostability, the manufacture of materials from recycled content, or containing sustainably sourced materials.

Help your clients achieve their sustainability goals with optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS.

FLEXcon® optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS™ - Designed with Sustainability in Mind